Hanger 2

Hanger 2 is a skill-based simulation game and adults where you need to swing your route through every world and attempt to complete each level without losing arms, legs or other body parts. This fun full activity experience diversion obliges master accuracy swinging aptitudes, brisk agile fingers and a solid craving not to get crushed to bits! Swinging from a rope has never been so stimulating! This is a very cool game have a fabulous time! Demonstrate to us your hanging capacity!

Objective In Hanger 2 Game

Your objective is to swing (like Tarzan) from the left to the right of the amusement screen without hitting yourself off any rocks or structures (above and underneath) or dropping off the screen. When you swing, touch the sparkling stars to procure focuses. Each time you hit the rocks, you may lose body parts or damage yourself seriously. Ouch!! In the event that you are seriously harmed, its diversion over – you’re Toast! Hanger 2 is the continuation of the mainstream Ragdoll amusement.

Levels In Hanger 2 Game

There are 23 levels to swing your route through. Toward the end of each one level, you see your Score, measure of Body Parts lost, measure of Stars gathered and the measure of Ropes you utilized. Good fortunes Raggedy Rope Swinger!


The controller’s of hanger 2 game are very easy.You can move your man with the help of your arrow keys and press space to catch the rope in time.Follow the instructions and try to complete all the levels of the game.Play hanger 2 game and have fun.Enjoy more free games only hanger2.net.